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SelectFlats ExEll 1020 MTC Forged Block
SelectFlats ExELL 15-5
SelectFlats ExELL 2714 (352-388 bhn)
SelectFlats ExEll 4140 Annealed Plate
SelectFlats ExELL 5000 Series Aluminum
SelectFlats ExELL 5000 Series ATP
SelectFlats ExELL 6061 T651 Aluminum Plate
SelectFlats ExELL 7021Cast Aluminum block
SelectFlats ExELL Forge Die 352-388 bhn
SelectFlats ExELL H-13 Superior
SelectFlats ExELL H13 Premium
SelectFlats ExELL H13 Superior Plus
SelectFlats ExELL Holder
SelectFlats ExELL Holder Hot Rolled Plate
SelectFlats ExELL Hot Die
SelectFlats ExELL P20M
SelectFlats ExELL P20M Hi-Hard
SelectFlats ExELL SS 316
SelectFlats ExELL Tuf-Die
SelectRounds ExELL 4140
SelectRounds ExELL Hot Die Rough Turn Round
SelectRounds ExELL Tuf-Die

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ESM Walter Metals

All pieces on this site are subject to a tolerance of +/-.125.


• Availability subject to prior sale.
• Cutting is available for an extra charge. If a block is cut, the order must include all pieces cut from block.
• Minimum order is $75.
• Discounts
ExELL P20M and ExELL Holder
– Deduct 5% for order quantities greater than 1 and combined weights greater than 20,000lbs.
– Deduct $0.10/lb for order quantities greater than 1 and combined weights greater than 10,000lbs.
• Certification provided for an extra charge.
• FOB New Castle, PA, Collect.
• Prices are in U.S. Dollars, Measurements are in Inches.
• Credit card payments accepted.
• ESS’s Terms and Conditions apply. Terms and Conditions are located at or contact us for a copy.
• To Phone in your order, call 1-800-932-2188.